Piece przemysłowe
Piecobudowa Płock Sp. z o.o.

About company

Piece Przemysłowe „Piecobudowa-Płock” Sp. z o.o. is a company from the specialist industrial construction industry. The company has been operating in the economic market since 1994. It was established after the break-up of the former state-owned company: Bydgoskie Piece Przemysłowe (Bydgoszcz Industrial Furnaces).

We employ a permanent, highly-qualified staff whose technical and technological knowledge and skills, acquired over many years of employment in the industrial furnace industry, guarantee proper, good and timely execution of works. We specialize in making brickwork lining, flooring and fire and heat resistant insulation in all types of furnaces, boilers and industrial chimneys. We also make acid-resistant and chemo-resistant flooring.

Our teams perform the following works:

Manual or mechanical removal of brickwork lining

installation of traditional brickwork lining

installation of brickwork lining in rotary furnaces

removal and installation of insulation boards

removal and installation of fiber insulation and ceramic mats

making flooring for chemically resistant tanks of trays and apparatus

compacting plastic masses

application of concrete mix by spraying

Wykładziny hemoodporne zbiorników, tac i aparatów

We have experience with furnaces:

retort, shaft, push-up, rotary, tubular, furnaces and tunnel dryers.